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Which pen pal should I choose?

Our fictional pen pals Wendy and Wilde can be very real to some children. Each character has likes and hobbies that will be appealing to different children. Read about Wendy and Wilde before you make your choice. Family envelopes are written from one pen pal, so pick the character that suits your children as a group.

Which age group is best for my child?

The 3-5 year and 5-9 year groupings give us an indication of your child’s maturity, reading ability and stage of life. If you child is close to 5 years old, go with your gut instinct. 

Do you put plastic toys in your craft packs and is the packaging recyclable?

We have a plastic-free policy and all our packaging is paper.

Is postage an extra cost?

Postage is included in the price.

Can I buy Snail Mail Stories as a gift for someone?

Yes! Order online using your credit card and enter the child’s name and address for delivery. If you don’t know all the details, contact us with the parent’s email address or phone number and we’ll get in touch with them for anything else we need eg ages and interests. You can also get the first envelope delivered to your address if you want to give it to them in person. See our How to Gift page. 

When will my first envelope delivery arrive?

All envelopes are sent out together on the second Wednesday of each month. We endeavour to accommodate the most last-minute orders, but if you’re more than a few days after mail-out it will be included in the next monthly mailout.

Can I try Snail Mail Stories before signing up for a longer subscription?

Yes! Try our Taster envelopes or a shorter 3 Month subscription.

Can I track my order?

No - to keep the price of our subscriptions low we use standard, untracked mail. If your envelope is lost in transit we will happily provide a replacement free of charge.

There are multiple children in my household. How many envelopes should I order?

The Family envelope can be addressed to four children living together. They will receive one collective letter and enough materials for all to do the craft. If they would prefer an individual experience then we recommend one each. We do work to make sure sibling individual letters don't look too similar.   

Are the letters handwritten?

No, but we use a vintage typewriter-like font that is nostalgic yet easy for young readers to decipher.

What level of reading is needed?

Our envelopes are intended to be a starting point for a fun and interesting conversation at home. Younger children will need support with reading the envelope content and understanding the craft instructions. As your child’s reading skills improve, they will be excited to read more of it themselves. Older children may be able to read it all themselves.

 How do we reply to our pen pal?

It makes our DAY when we get replies from our Snail Mailers! Anything is lovingly received; from self written letters, dictated notes via mum or dad, drawings. We keep everything confidential and it helps us customise our next letter. Send your response via email at or via messenger on Facebook or Instagram. Responses sent at least one week before mail-out will be acknowledged that month, anything later will be in the following month’s letter. 

What happens if I change address?

That's easy! When you subscribe, you create a user account with us - and anytime you like, you can log into your account and change your address - or other things like your subscription type or credit card information.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! Anytime although we would prefer you didn’t do it less than a week before mailout because we will have already printed your letter and envelope items. Just go to MANAGE MY ACCOUNT and cancel your subscription.

Every month? Is it really necessary to send mail that often?

Our customers tell us how excited their kids are to receive each letter and that they can’t wait for the next one! However if you feel it’s not right for your family, check out our Taster envelopes or try a shorter 3 Month subscription.


Existing customers


Help! My envelope hasn’t arrived!

Snail Mail Stories envelopes are sent all over New Zealand via NZ Post. We mail-out on the second Wednesday of each month and their delivery timeframe is 1-3 working days. Unfortunately, sometimes letters do get delayed or lost in transit. Please allow until the following Monday - if it hasn't arrived by then, just send us a note via the CONTACT section and we'll be more than glad to send you another!


NZ Post’s target delivery time to Australia is 3-6 workings days. Again, these are target times and it may take a little longer. If for some reason you do not receive your snail mail envelope after an appropriate length of time, we will happily resend it. 

My child is getting intrigued about who this pen pal is and wants to meet them! Any advice?

Our fictional pen pals Wendy and Wilde can be very real to some children. Just like Santa Claus, it’s a fine-line we walk when building the story of who is behind the monthly envelopes. Perhaps talk about their pen pal as more of a magical, fairy-like character or if they are older explain Wendy and Wilde are like characters in a book.

I'm moving house - how can I change my address?

Exciting! Just go to MANAGE MY ACCOUNT and edit your postal address at least one week before the next mail-out.

My credit card has expired (or is about to expire) - what should I do?

No problem. Just go to MANAGE MY ACCOUNT and edit your credit card info before your next monthly payment.


Returning customers


I want to re-subscribe but my account isn’t working. What should I do?

Just drop us a note via the CONTACT page and we will send you a re-activation email.


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