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Teaching your eco-friendly child about the power of wind

Teaching your eco-friendly child about the power of wind

by Karen Rewcastle July 19, 2019


10 fun activities to help your child understand the possibilities of wind.


Exploring ‘the wind’ is a great opportunity to introduce children the impact of climate change and global warming and how clean energy, such as wind generation, can reduce greenhouse emissions.


 1. Go for a windy walk - chat about what things move in the wind and why.


2. Chat about different strengths of wind - calm, light breeze, fresh breeze, high wind, gale, hurricane. (Tip! - write these descriptions on a piece of paper and ask your child to sort them into the correct order, or ask then to draw a visual representation of each description.) 




3. Research some of the windiest places in NZ and on earth and plot them on a map. 


4. Colour fun wind images.


5. Find pictures of different windmills or visit one.  



6. Visit one of New Zealand’s 17 wind farms or take a virtual tour. 




7. Design or draw a picture of a windmill or wind turbine. 


8. Craft your own wind turbine, windmill or pinwheel. 



9. Visit the library to find cool books about wind power. 



10. Pretend to be a weather reporter talking about wind. 





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Our fictional characters will be telling their pen-pals all about wind power. There is a beautiful poem by Christina Rossetti, a gorgeous vintage illustration, open-ended questions designed as great conversation starters, fun and easy wind experiments, plus imaginative art and crafts.


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Karen Rewcastle
Karen Rewcastle


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