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Sometimes a Christmas gift is more than a gift

Sometimes a Christmas gift is more than a gift

by Rebecca Cooper-Bullock November 21, 2018

Here at Snail Mail Stories we’re all about giving learning and discovery, rather than a plastic toy.

Don’t get me wrong, we know how hard it is to parent this way in our current climate of abundant $2 stores, sparkly glittery things constantly on sale and a friendly someone always willing to handout dispensable crap to keep the kids happy.

It’s hard to constantly be the one explaining how big the landfill problem is, or instill concern that the fish are eating glitter in our polluted oceans - my audience of 5 and 3 year olds often feel the injustices closer to home more keenly.


I’m not the most vigilant though by far. The other day I realised that some kids in class didn’t have plastic wrap on their school books like my daughter did; their parents had cleverly used magazine cutouts instead. I got the guilts that I hadn’t stopped to think about that specific plastic violation!

We’re all mere humans on this journey towards a plastic-free utopia. We can only raise the kids as well as we can, sharing the values we think are important and letting them see us make mistakes too.

So this Christmas, supposedly a time of whanau, festivities and love, give the kids a little taste of moderation.

“Something I want, something to wear, something I need, something to share AND lots of things to read please Santa Claus!”

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Rebecca Cooper-Bullock
Rebecca Cooper-Bullock


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